Employee satisfaction and health are important to achieve high levels of production. Employees are more likely to act in the best interest of the organization if they are satisfied at work. Mental health and stress are workplace consequences that can have a causal effect on the productivity of staff. In order to ensure the employees are satisfied, it is important to create an environment of work-life balance for the staff. Allow the employees to pursue the balance between the work environment and their private lives to they can come to work with less stress and a positive attitude. Creating an atmosphere of positive attitudes from satisfied employees allows better communication between staff members to improve team satisfaction and productivity. Below are some steps to take to improve work-life balance.

Flexible Work Hours

Allow staff to have flexible work hours, but set a standard for the rules. Each position is different so hours can vary, but there should be flexibility to be able to allow staff the ability to adjust their schedule to meet other responsibilities, such as picking up their children from daycare. Allowing the staff to have flexible lunch and work patterns will give the staff more control over their lives and make work feel less invasive.

Promote Team Building Activities

Use team building activities at off-site locations to facilitate team bonding. Employees will be more satisfied when they have opportunities to enjoy each other’s company in a low stress, non-work related environment. Some activities we have used recently were escape the room, go to a ball game, and ropes courses.

Allow Remote Access

Creating an environment that allows employees to work from home is a great way to incorporate flexibility and promote satisfaction. This could be via a cloud service, or providing each employee with a laptop computer to work on the network from any location. This flexible allows staff to plan their schedules, however written policy needs to be formulated to ensure the rules are followed when working remotely.

Work-life balance is important to reduce stress and improve satisfaction and productivity for staff. It is important to promote this balance to maintain happy staff long term.