Big Three in Healthcare: Ethics, Finance & Operations - The Perspective of Mitchell Fong

As healthcare evolves, the integration of finance, operations, and ethics is paramount for optimal quality and efficiency.


My mission is to influence the ethical use of healthcare information and technology to optimize healthcare utilization, outcomes, and experience. Combining the Public Health and Business Administration training allows for a unique expertise in healthcare operations. Experience as both an operations and financial analyst provides a fundamental understanding of analysis required to make appropriate managerial decisions. By combing the technical and analytics skills developed as an analyst with the fundamental training in Public Health and Executive Business Management provides a wide scope of knowledge.

Ethically making decisions that support the Corporate Social Responsibility of an organization is important for a successful brand. Understanding the impact that ethical actions have on finance and operations in healthcare is a skill that has been underutilized for most companies. By aligning ethics with operations, finance, and Public Health, healthcare corporations can use techniques that ensure goals from each department are met. Ethics and social responsibility are two main values that are important in executive decisions.

The experience obtained as a lead analyst combined with graduate training in both Public Health and Executive Business Administration create a unique blend of skills allowing a integrated view of executive decisions. The recent changes in healthcare have prompted a paradigm shift in the healthcare delivery model. There are many opportunities for success in healthcare, however to ensure that a company is/remains successful efficient decision making is required. An integrated view that incorporates the operational, financial, social, and corporate impact on both the employees and the customers is required to be successful in the current cost conscious era in healthcare. Companies should turn their focus on improving their operations using skilled employees that have diverse experience across multiple sectors in the healthcare organization immediately. I believe the experience and training I have received are vital for successful decision making in the future of healthcare. Now is the time to invest in talent that can grow with the healthcare company and guide it in the right direction for a successful future.